• 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm:

      Pre-Summit workshops and meetings

      2:00 IMERSA Ambassadors meetup (Mezzanine)

      2:15 Jr. Star Safari: Down Under (public showing)

      3:00 IMERSA Matters and inclusiveness:
      (Mezzanine) Dan Neafus, Michael Daut, Ryan Wyatt, Carolyn Collins Petersen
      Greetings from the Board and Officers,

      Meet the IMERSA team,

      How you can participate and help IMERSA grow.

      IMERSA inclusion forum

      will be an open and honest discussion about actions we can all take to strengthen our welcome to members of all backgrounds. Audience feedback extremely welcome.

    • 12:00 to 6:00 pm


      Registration will be open at COSI East entrance,

      Pass to COSI for delegates including admission to all public shows.

      11:15 Jr. Star Safari: Down Under, (public showing) 25 minutes

      Discover the animals in the southern night sky. Families with young children will enjoy this engaging and interactive live astronomy show, led by a COSI Star Safari Guide along with the help of Hercules to find animals in the night sky.

      1:15 Planetary Treasure Hunt, (public showing) 28 minutes
      COSI’s Planetary Treasure Hunt takes you on an adventure through the solar system. Hop on board the Starship C.O.S.I. 43215 and search for the Northern Crown’s missing jewels by solving alien riddles, ages 5-10.

    • 5:00 to 7:00 pm:

      Opening reception at COSI

      Wonderful food, light hors d'oeuvres, cash Bar at COSI

    • 7:00 to 9:00

      Session A, dome theater at COSI

      Brownian Motion - short 
      Vision for IMERSA 2018
      IMERSA leadership shares their vision for Summit 2018 and the future of our organization.

      Introducing our IMERSA Ambassadors!

      Clark Dodsworth - Keynote Speaker;

      Clark Dodsworth

      Immersion, Storytelling, and Evolving Tools 
      A look back and then forward at immersive techniques—emotional, sensory, and technical. How can we build on the successes of the past and avoid the pitfalls as we reach for the future? How can we best maintain our relationship with the public and expand our role in entertainment and education?”

      EXPLORE show (27 minutes), Introduced by producer Maciej Ligowski.
      A fulldome odyssey to the planet Mars, seen through a lens of human history and scientific development. This show illustrates ancient astronomy and the motions of celestial objects that fascinated Johannes Kepler.

      A Whale Story  short

      9:00 Dinner on your own

    • 8:00 am to 9:00 am

      Coffee and registration

      8:00 am to 9:00 am (COSI opens to public at 10:00 am), Coffee,

      Registration desk is open all day at COSI East entrance

    • 9:00 am to 10:30 am

      Marketing Matters: Revealing Hidden Gems (Galaxy Theater) & Camera Matters

      Chris Hurtubise, Bob Bondadurer, Marty McDonald, and Tina Ratterman, Produced by Michel Daut,

       This interactive and engaging panel discussion will present practical and applicable insights into branding for institutions and how we understand and approach our audiences. It will examine marketing tools, including social media and collaborative work between theaters and marketing departments to hone effective outreach.

      9:30 am CONCURRENT workshop (mezzanine)

      Camera Matters, Ryan Jackson

      Tips and techniques for capturing high quality 360-video for projecting in a large dome. This session will cover the latest camera systems available for capturing 10K live-action video for immersive domes.


    • 10:30 am to 11:00 am


    • 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

      Business Matters (Galaxy Theater ) & Blender workshop

      Produced by Matt Heenan, AMNH

      This session will explore a range of business models and strategies that can help producers, distributors, and vendors achieve success in the fulldome marketplace. Two unique case studies will be presented followed by an open-format discussion with the audience.

      Case Study 1: Collaboration and Progress: Building a Business in the Small Dome Universe
      Brookes & Fiona Diamond, KA’NATA Productions

      Case Study 2: Blueprints for Success: Designing Immersive Visualization Spaces
      Tim Barry, Architect

      CONCURRENT Workshop (Mezzanine)

      Blender Tips and Techniques for Fulldome, Ron Proctor and Jordan Smith

      Blender is a free, open source 3D software package that has become an important component in Clark Planetarium's immersive media production pipeline. Ron Proctor and Jordan Smith will present an overview of techniques being used in Clark Planetarium Productions and after the overview, we'll open the session for Q&A and demonstrations. Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop with Blender installed (a mouse is strongly recommended).

    • 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm


      Lunch on your own, Atomic Cafe will be open at COSI or you can walk to local restaurants.


    • 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

      Innovation Matters (Galaxy theater)

      Applications of New Technology and Techniques

      Producer Dan Neafus
      Our presenters will share their their exciting immersive media projects and help us to understand their goals, processes and their insights.

      Snapshots from 2017, Dan Neafus,
      A quick look at innovations and technique around the world of immersive media.

      DomeLab and Morphos, Ben Gondrez,

      Building Space 360, Yuri Kostenko, Front Pictures,
      When building Space 360 in Gwangju, South Korea, we aimed to create a next generation spherical projection theater by accumulating the world’s best practices and implementing the latest technologies. We wanted to make a true VR theater that would give visitors a breathtaking 360 immersive experience.

      Ingenia, Bruno Colpron,
      We demonstrate how the production team from the National film board of Canada has approached and developed an immersive film presented on an irregular shaped canvas at the Museum of Science and Technology of Canada by illuminating the exhibitions and artifacts from its collection.


      2:45 Galaxy Theater

      Amy Blackman 

      Amy headshot

      Data Hacked Creative, R.O.E. and the Meme-Geist

      “Data” and “artificial intelligence” are hot topics, but what do they have to do with creating Immersive experiences? From driving creative concepts to more accurately measuring impact, data is about to take the Immersive design world to the next level (and be a big “upper hand” to those who learn to harness it).





    • 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm


    • 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

      Group VR Matters (Galaxy Theater)

      Applications for Group VR Experiences -

      Bob Cooney

      Bob Cooney







      From warehouse-scale free-roaming to room-scale multi-player games, experiences that transcend the isolating nature of VR to create social interaction are what drives repeat play and consistent revenue. What best practices are emerging to create great VR that will lure people off their couch and into a location-based VR attraction?


    • 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm

      Art Matters (dome theater COSI)

      Sponsored by Boston Museum of Science and Hayden Planetarium

      mos logo





      Host Ty Owen will feature art and artists that have embraced the possibilities of fulldome. We will meet some of these local dome lab artists and hear from his celebrity guests including Dani LeBlanc from Boston's Museum of Science.

      Post Truth short 
      Collision short 
      Synth Nature short 
      Sacred Geometry short 

      6:30 Flood, live performance by Osea Merdis (synthesizer music) and Phil Liddell have developed a 25 minute fulldome performance incorporating creative, realtime 3D visuals, sub-aural audio content for the tactile "butt kickers" at the COSI planetarium, and surround sound synthesizer sequences.

      7:00 KYMA -The Power of Waves Fulldome show

      Kyma transports audiences into an allegorical tale of how our universe―and all of us―are composed of waves. From music to light, from the smallest particle to vast galaxies, it is a voyage through the wavelength of life, combining artists, musicians and acrobats in a stunning immersive show.

      7:30 Liquid Architecture fulldome show

      This show addresses composition and generative performance in an immersive environment. By combining LIDAR data and artistic modeling, real-world structures and imaginary landscapes are moved and reconstructed point by point in the 3D environment of immersive projection.

      8:10 adjourn for the day


    • 8:00 pm

      Adjourn for the day

      Dinner on-your-own

      Check with IMERSA Ambassadors about dining options.

    • 8:00 am to 9:00 am

      Coffee and registration

      Registration is open all day at the COSI East entrance

    • 8:00 am to 10:30 am

      Set up Vendor Expo.
    • 9:00 am to 10:40 am

      Interaction Matters (Planetarium)

      Liquid Flow 360 (short video) by Axel Cuevas Santamaría

      Pushing the Boundaries of Audience Engagement

      Sponsored by evansandsutherland

      Producer Mark Webb, with Justin Bartel, Dani LeBlanc, Brad Lisle, and Ryan Wyatt.
      Live and interactive presentation have gained traction as an alternative to traditional media presentation in museums and domes. Real-world experience and data about implementing audience interactivity will be presented by producers actively working with this method for engaging audiences.

      10:00 am

      Global Soundscapes SPECIAL LIVE SHOW Immerse yourself in the amazing sounds of our planet! Through giant screen images, surround sound, and live presentation, Global Soundscapes takes you on an ear-opening journey into the science of sound and the emerging field of soundscape ecology.— you’ll hear the Earth in a whole new way!


    • 10:30 am

      Expo. 2018 vendor areas ready
    • 10:30 am to 11:00 am

    • 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

      Making of Immersive Videos

      session H, COSI Planetarium, Sponsored by  christie

      Carolyn Collins Petersen, Moderator

      Our invited presenters will present brief show clips from current productions, with follow-up discussion highlighting specific challenges and innovative technical processes used to bring their stories to the dome screen.

      Birth of Planet Earth - Presenters: Tom Lucas, Brad Thompson, NCSA Visualization Lab team.
      This session takes a behind-the-scenes look at Birth of Planet Earth, a dramatic retelling of our planet’s origins featuring data-driven supercomputing visualizations and cutting-edge digital animations. The project team will present works-in-process, highlighting the art, science, creative challenges and innovative technical processes used to bring this story to the dome screen.

      Kyma: Power of Waves - Presenters: Phillipe Baylaucq, Bruno Colpron
      Presenters will describe their work using bold and innovative 360-degree capture techniques such as the Vantrix single lens 5K camera to create Kyma. This first dome film produced by the National Film Board of Canada combines varied techniques to support a narration-free approach where science and art merge to show what would otherwise be invisible. Executive Producer René Chénier.

      Mars: One Thousand One, Robin Sip, remote presentation from green screen studio in The Hague.
      Space reporter Miles O'Brien guides you through the first human mission to Mars. A daring 1,000-day mission to fly an international crew to Mars and return them safely to Earth. Many hurdles will have to be cleared in order to succeed. Embark on the greatest adventure of the 21st century and unlock the secrets of the new world! Filmed in 8K on location in Studios in The Hague and in Salt Lake City, written and directed by Robin Sip. Animated both at Mirage3D and at E&S by Jeroen Tanis, Simen Stroek, Marty Sisam, Ken Carlson, Bryce Buchanan. Music by Mark Slater. Cinematography Chris Wouda

      HORIZON: A 360-degree Journey Across Canada Drew Lightfoot, David Robinson, Tom Hall, presenters.
      Key technical members discuss the development of the camera rigs and live-action challenges they faced on set and in post-production. This 20-minute visual symphony takes audiences on a revealing expedition of Canada from the highest peaks to the deepest seas. Dynamic live action performance is interspersed with stunning wildlife footage serving as a meditation on the relationship Canadians have with this vast and disparate land.

      American West   (Short video)

    • 11:30 am

      Lunch Time for Expo Vendors

      Expo vendors can request a complimentary box lunch from Atomic Cafe'.

    • 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm


      Lunch on your own at COSI Atomic Cafe'. Vendor Expo will remain open.

      Ask about joining the IMERSA board for an informal chat about the future of immersion

    • 12:30 pm to 8:00 pm - atrium

      Vendor Expo. & Immersive Matters, Workshops

      Spend some time with our generous Sponsors!

      IMERSA Expo 2018 will be held in the COSI main atrium and is open all afternoon and evening.

      Concurrent presentations 3:30 to 5:00 pm, 

      Immersive Matters, new voices in immersive media.

      This session features submissions from many expressions of digital immersive experience including digital dome, virtual reality (VR), gaming and specialized venue. Hear some new voices in immersive media that are advancing our art and technology.

      Cosmic Orbiters fulldome game -

      Belin Fieldson
      “Static content is not going to build a future for fulldomes”. Cosmic Orbiters is an Interactive fulldome game driven by user's smartphone. It's a demonstration of a way to have attendees run their own shows according to what they want to watch. It's also a fun game to play.

      Universal Mind Control - Monica Bolles, Annie Kelly
      Universal Mind Control is a software application that allows its users to train different “brain states” using the Open BCI Ganglion board to control different functionality in the planetarium software Uniview. Presenters will give an overview of the project and its development followed by a brief demonstration of controlling the universe with one's mind.
      Immersive Game Play for Educational Goals - Tom Casey
      Combining game play with teaching has great potential. Immersive environments expand that further since it has been shown to be much more effective in memory retention. Whether in a portable planetarium or with VR headsets, games designed to teach could have exciting futures. The issues holding this back mainly are the difficulty in producing an effective game, both technically and creatively. By using three Unity-based educational games that Home Run Pictures has created, we will explore what we have discovered is needed to achieve successful results.

      Overview: a VR astronomy experience - Amaury Solignac
      Virtual Reality is the rising star of storytelling. It naturally holds a huge potential in science outreach, including astronomy. We created the very first real-time astronomy documentary in Virtual Reality. Developed in partnership with astronomy outreach specialists, selected by Kaleidoscope in Los Angeles, OVERVIEW is a 30 minute experience of the known universe. Based on real and accurate data from space agencies and institutions around the world, its aim is to raise the understanding of astronomy and space among the general public.

      Super Planets! Creating Photorealistic Flyovers - Chuck Wilcox
      We present workflows for modeling, texturing and rendering photorealistic CGI flight sequences over Earth at altitudes down to low orbit (corresponding to ISS altitude), adaptable for any season, time of day or orbital inclination, and discuss their use in the Charles Hayden Planetarium's fulldome programs. We also discuss adaptation of these workflows to Mars and Moon flyovers, and future efforts to achieve improvements in realism.

      Immersive Media in the Experience Economy - Chris Holt Gardner
      An overview of Immersive Media and the 4VR/AR/360 media business proposals from students at UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce and the team at Creative Feels.

      Building custom interactive experiences for domes - Jaymie Strecker
      Interactive shows with real-time graphics are on the frontier of immersive experiences that blur the line between presenter and audience, in which audience members help create the experience through their sounds and movements. We present a tutorial on creating custom, live, interactive content for domes without needing to know how to program. The tutorial demonstrates rendering 3D geometry to a dome and animating it in response to live audio. We do this using Vuo, an application that provides modular building blocks for graphics, sound, and devices that you can combine to suit your purpose.We present a tutorial to get you started building custom interactive experiences (no programming skills required).

      Concurrent Workshops

      3:30 Mezzanine
      Fulldome animation drafting - Sean Caruso, SAT
      A look at our current research project, in situ editing, addressing the edition of 3D content for immersive environments and design our interaction metaphors such as navigate, move, sculpt, animate, light and attach sound. Our software is published under open source licenses such as GPL and LGPL (Blender addons, video mapping, audio spatialization and low latency streaming engine).

      4:00 Mezzanine
      SPLASH - Projection Mapping Engine, Sean Caruso, SAT
      Splash is a projection mapping engine capable of handling a theoretically unlimited number of video projectors. Splash has been designed as a generic and modular tool, allowing it to be used for any projection surface geometry. It is used in production at SAT in the Satosphère, which is equipped with eight HD video projectors. Splash is distributed under a free GPL license for Linux.

      Auto-Parasitic Light Calculation Tool, Sean Caruso, SAT
      Our free online tool where you can upload a single frame from your project and our server will automatically simulate the parasitic light produced by the image when projected in the dome and add it to your original frame. In this way, you will have a more realistic idea of the final image quality.

      4:30 Mezzanine
      SATIE: Spatial Audio Toolkit, Sean Caruso, SAT
      SATIE is an audio spatialization engine capable of performing live renditions of dense audio scenes (several hundred sound sources) and dynamic (creation, deletion and individual control of sound sources). SATIE can be used with the SuperCollider language and the OSC protocol, allowing control from external tools such as 3D engines and programming languages.


    • 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

      Hors d'oeuvres at the Vendor Expo

      Thank you vendors!

      adleramnhbiganddigitalBowen logocaliforniaacademyofsciencechristieclarkplanetariumCreative Planetdenvermuseumofnatureandsciencedigitalprojectionelumenatievansandsutherlandfoxfire logo smallFP Logo square RGBlochnessmetaspacelogoSpitzbarco

    • 8:30 pm

      Vendor tear down

      Vendor tear down

    • 5:00 to 6:30, planetarium

      Vendors Matter (Planetarium)

      What's new from our vendor colleagues?

      A series of short presentations from our vendors.

      5:00 - Bowen Technovation
      5:12 - Metaspace
      5:24 - Clark Planetarium
      5:36 - Digital Projection
      5:48 - Front Pictures
      6:00 - Loch Ness Productions
      6:12 – Elumenati
      8:15 – E&S, Christie

    • 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm

      Fulldome Shows (Planetarium)

      The Shadow - short 


      E&S and Christie Demonstration evansandsutherland christie

      Tales of a Time Traveler show 
      In Tales of a Time Traveler, you will discover that time is not so easily defined. Time is illusive, impossible to hold. It can't be owned. It can't be stopped. Time travel surrounds you – from the biological clock in your brain and the changing shadows on a sundial, to the history of life on Earth. Then the story expands to the lives of stars, the time scale of the Big Bang, and the distortion of time by gravity. Narrated by David Tennant

      Morehead (short video)

      Faster than Light show 
      Faster Than Light! the Dream of Interstellar Flight will dazzle audiences with virtual rides aboard spacecraft of the future. They are based on whole new technologies designed to achieve ultra-high speeds, using exotic next generation rocket fuels and breakthrough concepts in physics. How far can our technology take us? Narrated by Sean Bean

    • 8:00 am to 11:00 am

      coffee and registration

      Registration will be open all day at the COSI East entrance.

    • 9:00 am to 10:30 am

      Production Matters

      The Craft of Immersion

      Session J in COSI Planetarium,  Sponsored by

       Creative Planet

      Moderators, Dan Neafus and Ryan Wyatt

      Curated presentations from invited producers offering their take on the cinematic arts and language developing for immersive production.

      Liminality - Exclusive Preview! - short film and presentation by Matt Wright and Janire Najire
      ‘Liminality’ is a live-action fulldome film captured in Wales and India exploring the influences of both cultures on each other. The ritualized movements of dance in a 360º immersive environment conjure feelings of something much older than civilisation. A connection to the unrelenting cycle of creation, being harnessed through motion.

      Stardancers Waltz - short film and presentation by Diana Reichenbach
      Expanding Perception through Immersive Mediums 
      The sense of immersion—the feeling of losing track of time and space—is something all of us have experienced. Whether it is through a film, an interactive game, or hiking in a landscape, these immersive experiences have been sought after since the beginning of humankind to open our minds to new possibilities and expand perceptions of our world. This talk explores the role of fulldome in facilitating immersive experiences, how mediums activate our senses in different ways, and why these experiences are important.

      Looking Back to go Forward, Ben Shedd,
      Professor, Critic, and Gestalt theorist Rudolf Arnheim raised several core aesthetic issues about cinema in the 1930s and mid-last century which have continue to have direct bearing on today's cinema, including the rapidly expanding world of immersive dome and VR filmmaking. This talk will draw directly from Professor Arnheim’s writings including his books FILM AS ART and THE POWER OF THE CENTER and weave together a number of Arnheim’s ideas and observations to point toward creative guide-points for making effective immersive movies, for groups in dome theatres and individual viewers in VR.

      Developing New Cinematic Language Maciej Ligowski,
      What is a fulldome show ? Is it a documentary ? Is it a drama ? I believe neither of these two. Documentary has a different style, much less involving, less emotional. In drama on the other hand we don’t teach. The purpose of drama is to entertain, period. If we teach in drama it’s fake. I believe there is a huge legacy of film industry which we should benefit from and adopt it to develop our own new style. That’s what we did so far with various effects in previous productions. I will present a background of film rules and concepts and try to address the problems of storytelling in a fulldome shows based on examples from my films Explore and Dream to Fly.

      Q&A with the producers.

      Comet; a short excerpt from The Planets 

    • 10:30 am to 11:00 am


    • 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

      Directing Dynamic Drama for Digital Domes

      Keynote speaker sponsored by Evans & Sutherland, Introduced by Michael Daut






      Douglas H. Trumbull

      Cinematic visionary, writer, director and visual effects wizard Doug Trumbull will share his plans for the next-generation cinema experience that incorporates high frame rates and hemispheric screens to create powerfully immersive storytelling with superior image sharpness while preserving the historic look and drama of film. Doug will share some incredible examples of his revolutionary process and reveal his insights on the importance of immersion and audience engagement in the fulldome cinematic/digital experience.

    • 12:30 to 2:00 pm


      Lunch on your own

    • 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

      Festivals Matter: The World of Fulldome Events

      Music Box - short

      Mars excerpt from The Planets - short

      Carolyn Collins Petersen, producer.

      This panel discussion focuses on the many fulldome festivals that have popped up over the past decade. It will examine and answer questions about how shows are selected for judging, how they are, shown, judged, and awarded. The panel includes several festival organizers and the results of a survey of festival organizers to further enlighten producers and audiences wondering about these events.

      Nightmare - short 

    • 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm


    • 4:00 pm to 5:15 pm

      Session M - AFDI, Creative Planet, Works in development or production

      AFDI Update Michael Daut, presenter
      The Association of Fulldome Innovators (AFDI), a consortium of fulldome/immersive media vendors, has been working on standards for the industry, especially regarding content delivery and distribution. The team will demonstrate latest developments in standards work and share a roadmap for the future.

      Meet Creative Planet! Maciej Ligowski, presenter
      An introduction to the production company responsible for EXPLORECreative Planet

      Works in Production Monica Bowles, host, Dan Neafus, Ryan Wyatt, Co-producers,
      Featuring immersive media producers to present their works in production for audience feedback. Attendees will complete surveys after each presentation and share their opinions with the filmmaker.

      In Saturn’s Rings Stephen Van Vuuren, producer.

      Narrated by LeVar Burton, In Saturn’s Rings is a grand tour of the universe starring Saturn. 7.5 million mostly unseen images from the Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn, Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Hubble Telescope and Milky Way time lapses are brought to life in a ground-breaking epic immersive journey across space and time. From the earliest images after the Big Bang to the final photographs Cassini took before plunging to die in Saturn’s clouds, In Saturn’s Rings is, like space exploration itself, a journey of the heart, mind and spirit that moves audiences with awe-inspiring images and powerful music.

      Expedition Reef, Ryan Wyatt, California Academy of Sciences

      The California Academy of Sciences will open Expedition Reef in March 2018, with global distribution beginning in May. The show will take audiences on a journey into the hidden world of coral reefs, exploring some of our planet’s most biodiverse—and critically threatened—ecosystems. Along the way, audiences will discover how corals live, breathe, and reproduce, supporting a quarter of all marine life on Earth and providing critical benefits to human communities in our ever-changing world. The Academy’s test audiences have responded to this show with a desire to learn what they can do to help reefs, so we would like to know how the Academy can provide resources to planetariums that want to capitalize on this interest.

      Works in Development (pitches)
      Featuring immersive media producers to present pitches for works in development (but not yet in production). Attendees will give feedback via survey and share opinions with the filmmaker.

      Harmony of the Spheres: Dance, Astronomy, Music, and Mathematics, Mariel McEwan

      A planetary dome show highlighting the connections between Dance and Astronomy tracing the history of dance and its cosmic connections from the ancient Greeks through the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras up to Nijinsky's 20th century ballet The Rite of Spring. It features the origins of ballet in the reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King of France, who established the Acadamie Royale de Danse (1661), the Acadamie des Sciences (1666), the Acadamie Royal de Musique (1669) times when dancing masters discussed the golden ratio, planetary motion, and with Kepler, the Harmony of the Spheres.

      Dreams Lost in Time Sam Stevens, producer, Meditative Entertainment, Dreams Lost in Time

      The Last Question from Isaac Asimov, Denver Museum of Nature & Science

      DMNS has ressurrected this 1970's classic science fiction story, featuring narration by Leonard Nimoy. This "classic" radio play has run to sell out crowds in Denver and we would be happy to see it running at some other locatiions.

      Vision Beyond Time narrated by Orson Welles, Denver Museum of Nature & Science. What might be done with this unique work?

      What Makes Earth Special?  Ryan Wyatt, California Academy of Sciences, Morrison Planetarium

      In 2020, the California Academy of Sciences plans to launch an Earth systems show with a working title, What Makes Earth Special? At the core of the show will be a description of how itself has transformed Earth. This show will then examine what enables a world to support life, how we can identify “life-likely” planets around other stars, and how we can protect the home we have here on Earth. We are interested to learn what can do to distinguish the content of this show from other, similar shows on the market. What specific topics could this show address to increase its broad appeal?

    • 5:15 pm to 5:45 pm

      Nina Wise (Planetarium), Clark Dodsworth (Mezzanine)

      In the Mezzanine, From Big to Many: Ubiquitous AR Beyond the Theater,

      Clark Dodsworth, presenter.

      Clark Dodsworth

      Bring your questions about using AR in your institution. In the this workshop, Clark will discuss Augmented Reality (AR) and some realities of the next three years that apply to out-of-home leisure markets. They include economic, market-based, system-based, and social realities. They will drive your institution’s decisions about programs, content, marketing, and role in the community. Bring you questions about AR and the realities your institution faces.

      In the Planetarium, Live Theater in the Dome 

      Nina Wise, presenter 


      A look at how live theater works in the dome space, from the producer and performer of The Kepler Story.

      Nina Wise, writer, producer and director of The Kepler Story, will host a this session. Planetariums and domes are spectacular venues for live performances. The immersive environment provides unparalleled opportunities for performing artists to create live events that utilize surround sound and 3D visuals, interactivity and narrative text in innovative ways that have a profoundly transformative effect on the minds and hearts of the audience. In addition, live theater in domes can be utilized to educate audiences about science in the most entertaining ways imaginable. But while the creative opportunities are heavenly, the production challenges can be daunting. In this session, Nina will discuss the nuts and bolts, challenges and solutions, joys and perils of producing live work in a planetarium environment. This is an opportunity for producers, planetarium directors, artists, and administrators of science museums to come together and collectively move the field of immersive art forward.


      5:30 - 6:30 BREAK before the Banquet.

    • 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm

      Cocktails and refreshments

      Enjoy a walk through time

      at the COSI Progress exhibition.

      Cash bar

    • 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

      10th Anniversary IMERSA Banquet

      Festivities to be held at COSI, main atrium

      Remarks from the IMERSA leadership team

      Lifetime Achievement Recognition Award

      For his unbounded imagination, innovative contributions and unforgettable cinematic direction, IMERSA is proud to add visionary immersive cinema pioneer Mr. Douglas H. Trumbull to our roster of Lifetime Achievement Awardees.

      Douglas joins Ivan Dryer, Jeri Panek, Ian McLennan, Greg McGillivray, and Donna Cox in this unique and distinctive honor.

    • 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm

      Wrap-up party

      Party time, Dome shows, pay bar and fun!

      Geosyncratic - short

      Virgo excerpt from Synosthesia Suite - short

      Travelling Kungkarangkalpa: Art Experience - short

      Lamparium - show
      An immersive visual and musical work that projects the spectator into an experimental sensory and emotional experience of light.

      SATfest 2017 - show
      SAT Fest is a festival of short 360° films to promote the creation of artistic content in the field of audio-visual immersion.

      Luminokaya - short

      INERTIA - show
      An audiovisual and immersive study of the movement, speed, strength, and resistance to abstract bodies facing physical and temporary changes of their conditions.

      11:00 pm Summit 2018 adjourns.

All sessions are tentative and subject to change

Saturday 24th 

12:00 to 6:00 registration, Pass to COSI for delegates includes admission to all public shows.
11:15 Jr. Star Safari: Down Under, (public showing) 25 minutes.
1:15 Planetary Treasure Hunt, (public showing) 28 minutes
2:00 IMERSA Ambassadors meetup (Mezzanine)
2:15 Jr. Star Safari: Down Under (public showing)
3:00 IMERSA Matters and Inclusiveness (Mezzanine)
5:00 Opening Reception at COSI
7:00 Vision for IMERSA 2018 Session A, Brownian Motion - short 
7:45 - Clark Dodsworth KEYNOTE SPEAKER

Immersion, Storytelling, and Evolving Tools

8:30 EXPLORE show,  A Whale Story short 
9:00 Dinner on your own

Sunday 25th
8:00 am (COSI opens to public at 10:00 am), Coffee, Registration (all day)
9:00 am Marketing Matters: Revealing Hidden Gems,  
Galaxy Theater - Chris Hurtubise, Bob Bonadurer, and Marty McDonald, Michael Daut, producer.
9:30 am Camera Matters, concurrent Workshop, (Mezzanine) Ryan Jackson,
10:30 Break
11:00 am Blender Tips and Techniques for Fulldome, workshop (Mezzanine) Ron Proctor and Jordan Smith
11:00 am Business Matters , Galaxy Theater, Matt Heenan

Case Study 1: Brookes & Fiona Diamond, KA’NATA Productions

Case Study 2:  Tim Barry, Architect

11:15 Jr. Star Safari: Down Under (public showing)
12:30 Lunch on your own, Atomic Cafe open, local restaurants
1:15 Planetary Treasure Hunt (public planetarium show)
2:15 Jr Star Safari: Down Under (public planetarium show)
2:00 Innovation Matters, Application of New Technology and Techniques, Galaxy Theater,

Sponsored by christie
Snapshots from 2017, Dan Neafus,
DomeLab and Morphos, Ben Gondrez,
Building Space 360: Yuri Kostenko,
Front Pictures, Ingenia, Bruno Colpron,
2:45 Amy Blackman KEYNOTE speaker

Data Hacked Creative, R.O.E. and the Meme-Geist

3:30 Break
4:00 Bob Cooney KEYNOTE speaker,

Applications for Group VR Experiences  (Galaxy Theater), 

5:30 pm Expo vendor setup - atrium
5:30 pm Art Matters, Planetarium, Ty Owen,  Sponsored by MOS.small
Post Truth short, Collision short , Synth Nature short , Sacred Geometry short 
6:30 Flood, live performance, Osea Merdis (synthesizer music) and Phil Liddell
7:00 KYMA - The Power of Waves
7:30 Liquid Architecture
8:00 Adjourn for the day Dinner on your own

Monday 26th
8:00 am, Coffee, Registration (all day), Vendor set up
9:00 am - Liquid Flow 360  - short video 

Interaction Matters; Pushing the Boundaries of Audience Engagement  Planetarium, 

Sponsored by evansandsutherland

 Mark Webb, Justin Bartel, Dani LeBlanc, Brad Lisle, and Ryan Wyatt.
10:00 Global Soundscapes - Live show!
10:40 break
11:00 American West (short Video)

Making of Immersive Video Planetarium, Carolyn Collins Petersen 

Birth of Planet Earth: Tom Lucas, Brad Thompson, NCSA Visualization Lab team.
Kyma: Power of Waves: Philippe Baylaucq, Bruno Colpron
Mars: One Thousand One, Robin Sip (from the Hague)
HORIZON: A 360-degree Journey Across Canada, Joanne Lodon, Drew Lightfoot, David Robinson, Tom Hall,
12:30 Lunch at COSI on your own, meet-up with IMERSA leadership
12:30 IMERSA Expo, Vendors Matter, COSI atrium (open until 8:30pm)
3:30 - 5:00 - Immersive Matters Presentations, National Geographic Theater, COSI
Cosmic Orbiters fulldome game - Belin Fieldson

Universal Mind Control - Monica Bolles, Annie Kelly

Immersive Game Play for Educational Goals - Tom Casey
OVERVIEW: a VR astronomy experience - Amaury Solignac, Paul Mezier 
Super Planets! Creating Photorealistic Flyovers - Chuck Wilcox
Immersive Media in the Experience Economy - Chris Holt Gardner
Building Custom Interactive Experiences for Domes - Jaymie Strecker
3:30 Fulldome Animation Drafting - Sean Caruso, (Mezzanine)
4:00 SPLASH - Projection Mapping Engine, Auto-Parasitic Light Calculation Tool, Sean Caruso, (Mezzanine)
4:40 SATIE: Spatial Audio Toolkit, Sean Caruso,
5:00 Vendor Spotlight: What’s new from our vendor colleagues? Planetarium
6:30 Food and drinks with vendors
8:30 vendor tear down
8:00 Session I
The Shadow - short,
E&S / Christie sponsor Demo Christieevansandsutherland

Tales of a Time Traveler (23 minutes),

Voyager to Eternity and Beyond (Short video)
Faster than Light (24 minutes),
Voyager to Eternity and Beyond (Short video)

Tuesday 27th
8:00 am to 11:00 am, Coffee, Registration (all day)
9:00 am Production Matters - The Craft of Immersion, Planetarium, Ryan Wyatt Creative Planet
Liminality - Matt Wright and Janire Najire
Stardancers Waltz - Diana Reichenbach
Expanding Perception Through Immersive Mediums - Diana Reichenbach,
Looking Back to go Forward, Ben Shedd,
Developing New Cinematic Language, Maciej Ligowski,
Q&A with the producers.
Comet; an excerpt from The Planets - short film
10:30 Break
11:00 Douglas H. Trumbull 

Directing Dynamic Drama for Digital Domes 

Keynote sponsored byevansandsutherland

12:30 Lunch on your own
2:00 Festivals Matter: The World of Fulldome Events, Carolyn Collins Petersen, Planetarium
Music Box - short, Mars Excerpt from the Planets - short, Nightmare - short
3:30 Break
4:00 AFDI Update, The Association of Fulldome Innovators, Michael Daut
4:20 Meet Creative Planet! Maciej Ligowski, Creative Planet
4:30 Works In Production or Development - Monica Bowles
In Saturn’s Rings, Stephen Van Vuuren,
Dreams Lost in Time, Sam Stevens,
The Last Question, narration Leonard Nimoy, Dan Neafus,

Vision Beyond Time narrated by Orson Welles, Dan Neafus
Expedition Reef, Ryan Wyatt, California Academy of Sciences

Harmony of the Spheres, Mariel McEwan
5:00 Bringing Theater to the Dome (Planetariump) Nina Wise - Kepler Story,
5:00 From Big to Many: Ubiquitous AR Beyond the Theater, Clark Dodsworth (mezzanine) 
5:30 Break
6:30 Cocktails, COSI Progress exhibition hall
7:00 10th Anniversary IMERSA Banquet
Thank you and introductions from the IMERSA team, Lifetime Achievement Recognition Award
9:00 Party, Travelling Kungkarangkalpa: Art Experience - short, Virgo excerpt from Synesthesia Suite -short, SATfest 2017 show, Luminokaya - short, Lamparium show show, Geosyncratic - short film
11:00 pm Summit 2018 adjourns.

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