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Fiske event

 The 2016 IMERSA Summet wrapped up with a visit to Boulders 8K Fiske Planetarium.


The delegates enjoyed a showing of Asteroid: MIssion Extreme (produced by National Geographic and Sky-Skan) -- an epic journey to study asteroids and the dangers and opportunities they present to both science and explorers.


In addition to this exclusive showing, Fiske staff presented their Sky-Skan DefinitiTM 8K system and beautiful Megastar IIB opto-mechanical star projector.


roman zavada resonances boreales prelude lake canada 19


This was followed by a special feature presentation of pianist Roman Zavada and a live performance of Résonances Boréales, created by Montreal's Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]. In this outstanding performance, Zavada created a dialogue between the sonorous resonances of the piano and the northern lights as they appeared above the primeval forest and captured by special 360-degree cameras.






 Produced by the Neurodome team, including Patrick McPike and headed by neuroscientist Jonathan Fisher in partnership with SCISS fulldome theater company. This unique show visualizes real brain data on the dome, showcasing ways to bring neuroimaging to the immersive space. Neurodome gives you an unprecedented view of our place in the universe, and, in turn, where the universe is represented in our brain.


The Kepler Story

Stretching the boundaries of site-specific work and new technology, The Kepler Story tells the remarkable tale of Kepler’s life and his groundbreaking discoveries. The Kepler Story is written and directed by Motion Institute’s Artistic Director Nina Wise and was originally performed by award-winning screen and stage actor Norbert Weisser (Schindler’s List, Pollock, Midnight Express). 

CEREMONY with James Hood


James Hood takes you on a journey to the center of your mind.


James Hood has been hard at work developing a fully immersive, sensory stage show to accompany his #1 world music hit album, Ceremony. Those of you who were lucky enough to acquire tickets for his performance at the 2015 IMERSA Summit will be familiar with his innovative approach to live entertainment. At this event the audience is invited to journey into the heart of the Ceremony album in the 360-degree, immersive dome where they will be bathed in the sights and sounds of Ceremony itself.


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