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Barry Clark

Barry Clark, featured speaker at the IMERSA Summit and executive producer with Telenova, is currently developing a pair of stereoscopic 3D fulldome films for a client in China. The films are, says Clark, "designed to be surreal, dreamlike stories that draw on the rich trove of tales from Chinese mythology as well as the attraction of the Chinese people to the landscapes and lifeforms that have shaped their culture.

Light Years: a preview of Ivan Dryer's book on Laserium

Ivan DryerWhen he introduced Laserium® in the 1970s, Ivan Dryer brought a viable new business model and revenue generator to the planetarium industry. 40 years later, his contributions remain relevant especially in light of today's fulldome technology.

The following article is a taste of Dryer's book-in-progress (working title: LIGHT YEARS: A Life with LASERIUM®). It covers similar ground to what Dryer covered in his keynote presentation at the 2013 IMERSA Summit in Denver, where IMERSA presented him with lifetime honors.

LIGHT YEARS: A Life with LASERIUM® will be a history of the groundbreaking laser shows that became a worldwide phenomenon and pioneered an international industry; as seen from the perspective of its creator and many of its practitioners—chronicling the artistry and ingenuity of his collaborators, as well as encounters with educators, scientists and celebrities, interesting individuals and institutions, over some four decades. Read on...

Light Years: A Life with Laserium
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Meet the 2014 IMERSA Summit organizing team

2014 IMERSA Summit, March 6-9 in Denver. Theme: Shaping the future of immersive spaces. Lifetime honors for Jeri Panek of Evans & Sutherland. Professional development, panel discussions, Innovators presentations, screenings, networking and more. Prof. Donna Cox of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications is a featured speaker. For more information including registration, hotels and meeting venues, click here.

Meet the organizers: Dan Neafus, Michael Daut, Mike Murray, Ryan Wyatt, Ed Lantz, Judith Rubin, Ian McLennan, Brian Wirthlin, Carolyn Collins Petersen, Ken Scott, Patrick McPike, Matt Mascheri, Chris Hill, Chris Maytag and Toby Mensforth. Read on...

Photos: ASTC 2013

In Albuquerque for the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) conference, IMERSA's Judith Rubin took pictures of industry colleagues. Photo album at this link.

Below, George Wiktor of Hero Ventures, who is working on a Marvel-branded traveling experience that will include digital dome projection, stands with Laura Misajet of Seiler Instruments/Zeiss.

Laura Misajet  George Wiktor 2

The making of the Jet Blue Sky Theater Planetarium

“Now what?” said our executive director, flabbergasted. I replied, “Let’s look into a digital planetarium.”

Author Gary Monti is director of museum operations at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, NY, USA, where he has worked since 2000. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This article was first published in LF Examiner, September 2013 under the title "O Dome is Me!" (C) 2013 by Cinergetics, LLC.

It’s been a trial. Dome operators have not had an easy time of it: there have been many problems and difficulties thrown our way for which we were not responsible. We did not sign up for what has transpired over the past fifteen years.

The IMAX Dome theater at the Cradle of Aviation Museum, on New York’s Long Island, was built to offer an exciting venue that would enhance visitors’ overall experience at the museum. Much has changed since those halcyon days of museum planning. This article is being written with a disillusioned and embittered hand; it is not the usual polite professional piece...

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