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Fiske event

 The 2016 IMERSA Summet wrapped up with a visit to Boulders 8K Fiske Planetarium.


The delegates enjoyed a showing of Asteroid: MIssion Extreme (produced by National Geographic and Sky-Skan) -- an epic journey to study asteroids and the dangers and opportunities they present to both science and explorers.


In addition to this exclusive showing, Fiske staff presented their Sky-Skan DefinitiTM 8K system and beautiful Megastar IIB opto-mechanical star projector.


roman zavada resonances boreales prelude lake canada 19


This was followed by a special feature presentation of pianist Roman Zavada and a live performance of Résonances Boréales, created by Montreal's Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]. In this outstanding performance, Zavada created a dialogue between the sonorous resonances of the piano and the northern lights as they appeared above the primeval forest and captured by special 360-degree cameras.




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