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The Flight of the Pixel

  • Martin Howe

The Future of Fulldome

  • Martin Howe

The Future of Sound for Fulldome Applications

The Future of Virtual Reality: Head Mounted Displays Versus Spatially Immersive Displays

  • Ed Lantz

The Past, Present, and Future of Full Dome, Full Color, Single Projector Digital Planetariums

  • Philip Groce

The Perception of Domed Environments

  • Pete Carss and Katina Hazelden

The rise of mediabased attractions: 2D, 3D, 4D, domes, and more

  • Markus Beyr

The Sound of Space: A Look at the History and Future of Audio in Planetariums

The State of the Dome 2008

  • Mark C. Petersen

The State of the Dome PDF

  • Mark C. Petersen

Theater Installation ??? Lake Huron Sound System

Trends in Fulldome Production and Distribution

  • Mike Bruno

Visualization brings them together at the Gates Planetarium

What Should Be Tested?

Where do we go from here? by Ed Lantz

  • Ed Lantz

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