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The Virtual Museum

Presented by Mats Reiniusson, IAIA.
From the IMERSA 2016 Summit.
The Virtual Museum is an open-source collection management software that allows you to curate 3D and 2D objects within a virtual space such as a gallery or museum. The case study is the Institute of American Indian Art’s contemporary art collection which emcompasses over 8,000 items including paintings, weavings, and sculpture. These items are digitally prepared through photogrammetry and integrated into a complex virtual environment capable of network-based collaboration. The Virtual Museum can be reproduced on the digital dome, head-mounted displays, and other systems.

True 8K with High Contrast and Rich Colors - It CAN Be Done!

Presented by Carolyn Sumners, Houston Museum of Science.
From the IMERSA 2016 Summit.
Space City now has a planetarium at the Houston Museum of Science displaying the richest starry night and the sharpest and most color-rich immersive movies — delivering the quality experience that today's moviegoers expect and that every urban child deserves. This True8K™-projection system from E&S delivers 50,918,000 unique pixels to the dome using five 4K projectors along the horizon and five 4K projectors to cover the rest of the dome. This presentation includes photos of our 8K projected images showing the resolution, color palette, and high contrast and discusses our our physical installation challenges and successes.

Panel Presentation: What’s Never Been Seen — Successful Visualizing for Fulldome Storytelling

Carolyn Sumners, Tom Casey (HomeRun Pictures, homerunpictures.com/fulldome/), Jason Fletcher (Boston Museum of Science, mos.org/)
From the IMERSA 2016 Summit.
The script is written. The storytelling is effective. But there are calls for visuals of things that don’t exist yet, or real data representations that have never been visualized. Storytelling for immersive fulldome environments has required producers to take the idea of the “artist concept” to new levels. How do we ensure a successful pipeline between the left-brain expert supplying the input and the right-brain creative implementing the visuals to achieve the desired⎯but most important, accurately told story for the educational goals? The speakers give examples of what works... and sometimes what doesn’t.

The VR and AR Explosion

Presented by immersive artist Jenny Carden at the IMERSA 2016 Summit. This talk charts the hardware and content marketplace today and reveals the humorous development path the technology has taken over the last 50 years. Carden talks about the current differences in VR and AR and shares how museums, schools, entertainment companies, and gamers are using the technology to create incredible experiences. For those interested in creating and displaying VR and AR - she also helps you avoid the biggest mistakes content creators are making today and inspires you to get involved in this exciting revolution in immersive media.

Beneath, presented by the Wonderdome Team

Hosted by Daniel Fine.
From the IMERSA 2016 Summit.
The Beneath team is designing and constructing Seismic, a new system for stereoscopic 3D flat-screen planetarium media production, control, and display that will greatly expand and amplify current capabilities of planetariums that use more traditional platforms such as Sky-Skan's. Panelists from the team discuss the creation and implementation of Seismic that allows for the ease of programming and playback of a variety of media—2D, 3D, pre-recorded, real time, generative, interactive, etc.— to be created, stored, controlled, and displayed through a simple user interface.

Moderated Panel- Defining Our Audiences

From the IMERSA Summit 2016
From the IMERSA 2016 Summit.
As the CEO of COSI, Andy operates two theaters, a 4K fulldome and a digital giant flat screen, key components in his hi-tech interactive museum in Columbus, OH. This offers nearly unlimited programming choices, but how do you decide the right choices? How can you most effectively define your core audiences and find programming to engage them and bring them back for repeat visits?


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