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What is Fulldome - A Celebration of the Medium Pt. 2

What is Fulldome - A Celebration of the Medium Pt. 2
Brad Thompson - Spitz Creative Media
Paul Mowbray - NSC Creative
Ryan Wyatt - California Academy of Sciences/Morrison Planetarium
Dan Neafus - DMNS/Gates Planetarium
KaChun Yu - Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Toshiyuki Takahei - Orihalcon Technologies
Isabella Beyer - IB Creation Studio
Aaron Bradbury - NSC Creative
Video: Ben Gondrez

The Business of Quality trialogue, Jena Fulldome Film Festival 2014

The Business of Quality, Jena Fulldome Film Festival Trialogue. This video is made available to the IMERSA channel thanks to the copyright holders. It was recorded and produced by Jakob Laugs, JOKERPRODUCTS.de and Sebastian Nevermann, SE-N.de.

The 45 minute Trialogue discussion features; Dan Neafus from IMERSA, Carolyn Collins Petersen with Loch Ness Productions and Eduard Thomas from the Keil Mediandome. Answering the question; tell us how you define quality in immersive cinema?

2014 Day1 Session01

IMERSA Conference Day 1 - Session 01 9:00-10:00am - Tools of Pre-rendered Fulldome Production
Introduction by: Michael Daut, Evans & Sutherland
Presenter: Brad Thompson, Spitz Inc.
Videography: Janire Najera and Matt
Editing: Terrance Trieu

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