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IMERSA 2018 fulldome shows announced


SATfest 2017

Virtual Reality Driver (Ghost In The Shell Movie)


Faster Than Light: Dreams of Interstellar Flight

Voyager: To Eternity and Beyond

KYMA: The Power of Waves

Liquid Architecture

Tales of a Time Traveler

Global Soundscapes: Mission to Record the Earth (Live)

The IMERSA planning team is happy to announce the top ten fulldome shows that have been selected to screen at IMERSA 2018. Announcement of the short film selection is forthcoming.

Congratulations to all of the film producers and thanks to all of you who submitted your great work for consideration!

 We do not use a any kind of a "judging" process to choose these films. Our members do not give any opinions about the professional quality of each show. Their polling choices simply reflect the wide variety of tastes and interests of our diverse membership.

To help us make such difficult show selections we have decided to use a film poll survey to have our members give us their opinions. IMERSA is not a festival competition. Our survey helps us to learn which shows that our delegates were excited to actually attend.

This is important for our planning as we have very limited time in the dome for screening shows. In past years we have presented some fulldome shows that few of the delegates wanted to attend. Learning from this, the planning team makes every effort to schedule activities that are exciting and relevant to most of the delegates.

With so many films submitted this year we have had to make some very difficult choices. It was interesting that only five of the films selected in the poll were about astronomy. Many of the top selections were for art films.

Look here for more announcements and we will look forward to seeing you at IMERSA 2018 in Columbus OH.



Submit your work in development

IMERSA invites interested immersive media producers to present their Works in Development (WIDs) and Works in Production (WIPs) at the 2018 Summit. These are paid submissions that are designed as a great opportunity for producers to get focused audience feedback on their shows in development and in production. Attendees will complete surveys after each presentation, and presenters will have the opportunity to tailor the survey instrument to their needs, providing specific questions they want answered.

Works in Development ($250 per entry)
Five minutes of dome time to present your “pitch” for the show that you are developing using Powerpoint, HD video clips, or a handful of fulldome stills. Entries in this category should include shows that are not fully funded or not yet in production. The idea is to see how well your show concept resonates with the audience and to get constructive feedback on how you can effectively adjust your pitch for greater impact and audience connection. Your total presentation including all media and speaking should be no more than five minutes.

Works in Production ($500 per entry)
Seven minutes of dome time to present a sample of your show that is currently in production using fulldome video. Entries in this category should include shows that are currently in production or post-production. You may show a trailer or a longer clip from the film that captures the essence of the production or the specific portion of the film for which you are seeking feedback. Your total presentation including all media and speaking should be no more than seven minutes.

WID WIP submission form here

77 days and counting


Less than three months away from the start of IMERSA 2018. We have an outstanding lineup of presenters and fulldome films to announce in a few days. Over sixty fulldome show producers are anxiously awaiting the results of our member poll and the Summit planning team's final selections. IMERSA is a gathering of the best in the business and we endeavor to screen the best fulldome video artestry from around the world. 

Enthusiastic submissions have arrived from; USA, Canada, Greece, Thailand, Mexico, Poland, Germany, India, Australia, France, Japan, Brazil, South Korea, United Kingdom and Colombia. Please be patient and kind to the Summit organizing team as we we finalize our decisions. It is a task that we take very seriously, just as those that have submitted films are passionately enthusiastic about their Fulldome entries.

67 shows submitted to IMERSA 2018

We have had a record response to our request for shows and presentations this year. The submissions are now closed and we are polling our membership to select the most requested fulldome full length shows. We will close the polling Dec 15th and announce the 2018 screenings on the 18th. If you are planning to attend the Summit you can submit your opinions here. Thanks to everybody that submitted films this year and good luck!

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