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Festival Time

The rise of fulldome content has led to another interesting phenomenon: the fulldome film festival. There are a number each year, bringing together content, judges, and audiences to see and give awards to new shows. They have their roots squarely in the realm of such festivals as Sundance, Cannes, and others (although perhaps not as fancy as those). 

IMERSA Strategic Planning

The IMERSA Board of Directors is pleased to invite you to take part in our strategic planning initiative, which will kick into full gear at the 2016 Summit. Ryan Wyatt will lead the strategic planning effort, but we need your support to make this effective and worthwhile.

Fulldome in Brno

The Fulldome Film Festival Brno hosted 152 planetarium and fulldome fans and producers from around the world. This one may set a record for endurance: 66 shows were shown nearly 27 hours and 25 minutes of dome time! According to Ryan Wyatt, who was in attendance, there were compensations. “Luckily, festival attendees also had the opportunity to relax and network in the comfortable environs of the Brno Observatory (with lovely views of the city and surrounding park),” he wrote. ”The observatory staff supplied visitors with name badges that included Czech phrases to help them ask for a beer or find their way back to the planetarium.”

Fulldome in Jena

The 10th Jena Fulldome Film Festival was held from May 26-28, 2016, with the theme “Frameless Frenzy.” Its signature award is the Janus trophy, for the double-faced Roman god of beginnings and endings. The festival honors both seasoned producers as well as student works, with an emphasis on short films. The winners spanned the world with creative works ranging from artistic endeavors to science topics. 

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