IMERSA Strategic Planning

IMERSA Strategic Planning

The IMERSA Board of Directors is pleased to invite you to take part in our strategic planning initiative, which will kick into full gear at the 2016 Summit. Ryan Wyatt will lead the strategic planning effort, but we need your support to make this effective and worthwhile.

The strategic plan has four components:

• Our Mission succinctly states the reason for our existence, in an inspiring, enduring, and aspirational manner
• Our Vision describes what we will achieve in the next five years
• Our Goals articulate measurable milestones toward realizing our Vision
• Finally, we develop specific Strategies that define how we can achieve our Goals



We propose that IMERSA’s Mission is to advance the art and technology of immersive digital experiences.

We further propose that our Vision for the next five years should be to support an international community of professionals who create large-scale immersive digital experiences in achieving the full potential of their chosen medium.

We invite your feedback on both those statements, but we especially want to know how you think what milestones could lead to realizing our Vision.

Some Goals that would support our Vision include:

• to develop community-wide, professional standards to facilitate convergence of film domes and digital domes (an effort currently underway with AFDI)
• to provide a forum for regular publication of peer-reviewed papers
• to increase professional development opportunities including educational resources, certifications, and awards programs

What other Goals do you think IMERSA should prioritize in the years to come? And would you be interested in helping us develop Strategies to achieve them?

We invite your feedback at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Thank you for your support and participation in this critical process for our organization

IMERSA Strategic Plan Timeline
Version 0.4 • 16 March 2015

Basic idea: Mission > Vision > Goals > Strategies. We define Mission and Vision (subject to revision through the process), we work with the community to define the Goals, and we establish committees to define Strategy.

Initial Ideation Phase
Through 6 October 2014
Draft Mission: an enduring, inspiring statement that describes why we exist
Draft Vision: where do we want to be in five or ten years
Draft Goals: how we support our vision, and how we measure success

IMERSA Summit 2015
Roundtable on 1 March 2015
Share draft Mission and Vision and ask for feedback
Share draft Goals and ask for more—more feedback and more goals
Recruit committees to articulate Goals and Strategies
Initial recruitment for committees

Politicking and Recruiting
Through 11 December 2015
Transcribe audio recording of Summit roundtable
Share PowerPoint and Tim Barry’s visual notes from Summit roundtable
Create short list of potential committees and committee leaders by 7 December 2015
Invite participants and initiate committee engagement

Committee Engagement
Through 5 February 2016
Break out into five to seven committees focused on various aspects of the strategic plan
Committees will focus on refining Goals and how to achieve them through specific Strategies
Results in brief report made available to the online community

Community Engagement Phase I
Through 1 February 2016
Community will provide discussion and feedback on committee work

IMERSA Summit 2016
Roundtable on date t.b.d.
Brief committee reports and audience feedback

Community Engagement Phase II
Through May 2016
Community will provide further discussion and feedback on committee work

Committee Review
Through December 2016
Committees will review feedback and revise Goals and Strategies accordingly

Finalize Strategic Plan
February 2017

Financial Viability and Business Plan
March 2017
Implement business strategies to support strategic plan

Ryan Wyatt

Ryan Wyatt is Director of Morrison Planetarium and Science Visualization, California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco), and Founding Director and Vice President of IMERSA. He assumed his current role in April 2007, and has written and directed the Academy's fulldome features, Fragile Planet (2008), Life: A Cosmic Story (2010), Earthquake (2012), Habitat Earth (2015) and Incoming (2016). Prior to arriving in San Francisco, Wyatt worked for six years as a science visualizer at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City; previously, he opened technologically-advanced planetariums in Phoenix, Arizona, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Wyatt's professional interests include making research data sets accessible to the general public, and developing standards and best practices in the fulldome video community. He has written for Natural History magazine and the Informal Learning Review about the role of modern planetariums in bringing cutting edge science to a variety of audiences, and his Visualizing Science blog provides an informal look at his ideas and opinions related to visual representations of science. Wyatt also indulges avid enthusiasm for archeoastronomy, the history of science, and intersections between art and science.

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