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With VR and Oculus Rift in the news, IMERSA notes some pioneering technology that helped paved the way

Judith Rubin

Oculus 2 MattMascheriVirtual Reality is getting a lot of attention in the press these days, especially with the emergence of the Oculus Rift system and Facebook's interest in it, and super lightweight 360 digital capture rigs the size of toys. Here's an intriguing article about it in Fast Company magazine.

Many people in the business of visualization, themed entertainment and specialty cinema remember when VR showed up in the 1990s. The concept was a little ahead of what the technology could do at the time. Interfaces were clunky. Equipment was expensive. Headsets were uncomfortable. IMERSA is very excited about this second wave of VR, because it's highly compatible with what's going on in 360 digital theaters known as "fulldome." At our recent IMERSA Summit 2014 in Denver, there was keen interest in the Oculus Rift demo headsets and the digital 360 capture rigs that Dome3D had on hand. (see above photo...)


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