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IMERSA fosters the growing interest in digital fulldome cinema, immersive entertainment, performance art and virtual experiences through its Summits and activities.

IMERSA Inc. is a non-profit business league whose roots are deeply embedded in the rise of the digital planetarium (fulldome). Incorporated in 2008 our founding sponsors initiated ongoing research and development programs in search of standards and guidelines for fulldome production and technologies. To build our community and inspire meaningful conversation among fulldome and immersive professionals IMERSA host’s an annual international Summit for leaders interested in all facets of immersive experience including; digital fulldome cinema, immersive entertainment, interactive performance arts, and other innovative experiential content.

IMERSA embraces many forms of digital immersion, including Planetariums, Giant Screen Cinema, VR headsets and spherical environments. We encourage our members to develop experiential programming from many fields of scientific research, from nanotechnology to neuroscience and astrophysics.

IMERSA raises the profile of group immersive experiences and represents its members at a number of international events. In addition to facilitating the development of fulldome standards, our leadership team fosters professional development, aggregation of business metrics, and the dissemination of “white paper” reports on best practices and techniques.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission is to advance the art and technology of immersive digital experiences.
Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is to support an international community of professionals who create large-scale immersive digital experiences in achieving the full potential of their chosen medium.
Our World

Our World

IMERSA is a world - wide network of professionals that create group immersive experiences. Our organization builds bridges between many disciplines including academic, VR, AR, fulldome and arts communities.
Our Strategy

Our Strategy

As the immersive community grows and changes, IMERSA recognizes the need to evaluate its goals and mission. To that end, the board directed a strategic planning exercise that began with an analysis of where the organization has been and what it has accomplished.

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Our Work and Projects

Our Work and Projects

Host our annual IMERSA Summit | Recognize outstanding life-time achievement | Outreach to fulldome festivals and conferences | Develop standards and guidelines | Build a video and resource library

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Our Goals

Our Goals

IMERSA is a driver and nexus for communication, collaboration, experimentation, education and promotion of digital immersive media in a variety of venues, formats and functions.

Our Team


Dan Neafus

Dan Neafus

Operations Manager, Gates Planetarium - Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Founding Director, IMERSA
Ryan Wyatt

Ryan Wyatt

Director of Morrison Planetarium and Science Visualization, California Academy of Sciences
Michael Daut

Michael Daut

Director of Show Production/Marketing at Evans & Sutherland
Carolyn Collins Peterson

Carolyn Collins Peterson

Communications Coordinator


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Our Contributors and Sponsors

  • Adler Planetarium
  • Art, Research, Technology and Science Laboratory
  • Audio Visual Imagineering
  • Barco
  • BIG and Digital
  • British Association of Planetaria
  • California Academy of Sciences
  • Christie
  • ChromaCove
  • Clark Planetarium
  • Digital Projection
  • Elumenati
  • ePlanetarium / DiscoveryDome
  • Evans and Sutherland
  • Front Pictures
  • Fulldome Database
  • Fulldome UK
  • Fulldome.pro. Co., Ltd
  • Giant Screen Cinema Association
  • Great Lakes Planetarium Society
  • HR Pictures
  • Immersive Media
  • Informal Learning Review
  • International Planetarium Society
  • LF Examiner
  • Loch Ness Productions
  • Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE)
  • Navitar
  • NSCCreative
  • R.S.A. Cosmos
  • SAT - The Society of Arts and Technology
  • Seiler Instrument
  • SIE FilmCenter - Denver Film Society
  • Sky-Skan
  • Soundtrack Unlimited
  • Spherical Media Group
  • Spitz Inc.
  • The Denver Museum of Nature & Science
  • The Planetarian
  • UNC Morehead Planetarium and Science Center
  • University of Plymouth
  • Vantrix
  • Vortex Immersion

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